Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my escape from philadelphia

soon. soon my pretties, i will be back in the glorious world that is bloomington, in and out of the terrible craphole that is philadelphia, pa.

do you like history? excellent architecture? a winning baseball team? then visit boston, because it's not worth it to see what philadelphia has to offer. which is nothing.

i thought i'd be more excited to go home and live in a magical wonderland of hippies, nature, IU and the like. however, it feels like a step backwards. although i hate philly and am so so soooo excited to leave, i've been to bloomington. however, it's not like i'm just giving up. my incredibly smart husband nailed a full scholarship to Indiana University's law school. so this article? can suck it.

so perhaps we'll revisit this situation in four years.

in other news, my neighbors are super annoying and i want to stab them. why are you playing r&b so loudly at 3 on a weds? are you doing it? honestly at this point i'd rather hear the noises.

i'm not sure what niche i want this blog to fit into. since i got married i've learned to cook and since i moved to philly and had no friends i learned to dress nicely by pretending i had friends in fashion blogs. pathetic? maybe. it beats befriended the people of philadelphia. i'm very passionate about autism therapy, especially GOOD therapy like ABA/VB. so who knows? stick around and perhaps i'll figure it out.

the only thing i know at this point is the explanation of the name. i hate using the shift key to capitalize the first word of every sentence. bad grammar? don't care. so no caps. and orchard fork apple? those are just words i like. the end.