Friday, June 24, 2011


i want this hanging in my house.

yep. get me some stencils; it's going on the wall.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

style, my dear

i've finally come to the point where i feel good with my style. when i got married and moved to philly i had no friends so i started following a lot of style blogs. and if there is anything these ladies have taught me, it's that as long as you feel cool in what you're wearing, you're gonna look good.

i used to get bogged down on wanting to wear trends that just don't work for me. for example, i love the pollyanna, preppy look but can i pull it off? not unless i'm on a boat and even then it's probably iffy. sorry, sperry, i don't think we'll be friends anytime soon.

with that in mind, these are my favorite blogs having to do with clothes and style. i love how each of these girls puts together an outfit. holla!

first up is Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. she is so fabulous and her clothes are magical. i love love love her blog with all of her fun DIY projects and style posts. if you read and you like pretty things, go over there. actually, even if you don't read just go over there and look at the pretty pictures.

Next up is Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky. Her style is so funky and artsy, i love it! Elizabeth lives in washington and went on a tour around the US in a winnebago. her blog is pretty cool so you should check it out, plus look at her hair!

i freakin love this chick's blog, as does everyone else on the interweb. i have to be honest, i avoided this blog for a long time simply because i thought the name kendi meant she'd be annoying but joke's on me! this chick is hilarious with great style. most of her outfits are out of my comfort zone, so i love to turn to her when i need to dress up. extra bonus? her entries are always short and funny. it's like she knows i have the attention span of a gnat...

this girl has amazing hair and crazy ridiculous style. her shoes alone are enough to make you go WHOA. her photos are pretty rad too.

Three Nails Photography isn't a style blog, it's a wedding photographer's blog. However, his photos are so amazing and the things he takes pictures of are great inspiration for outfits. If you like pretty things, check his blog out.

so that's it! those are my favorite pretty blog things. whoop whoop!

also, i would like to thank the combination of diet coke and citrus vodka for my previous post claiming both candice bergen and the my drunk kitchen girl as my heroes.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i just wanna help people

i have got to say, it is much harder to help others than you might realize. ever since college i learned that i have a not-so-secret desire to help others. and ever since about 1 year after college i have learned that the age old adage is true- no good deed goes unpunished. i have been trying to help people since 2008 as a career and it has totally come back to bite me.

helping others? prepare to feel the wrath of whatever or whoever is doling out this punishment.

am i discouraged? yes. absolutely.

will i give up and assume a life of greed and arrogance? absolutely not. i will continue to try and do my best with what i'm given to help those in need.

does anyone else feel this? perhaps i am overreacting. i have been known to do that, you know.


Friday, June 17, 2011

my drunk hero

have you seen my drunk kitchen? it's the greatest thing ever. i had the worst day at work possible and when i came home to see this on one of my favorite blogs i was elated. that's how good it is. crazy boss? terrible day at work? MDK will fix it. this woman is my hero and i want to give her a hug.

in other news... i like pinterest. candice bergen is my hero.

i think that's all for now.

fyi, my brother is bowling right now so i think i'm at least a little better off than him. sorry dillon.