Wednesday, December 28, 2011


my husband does not understand my obsession with toys. because i work in an environment that is FILLED with toys and games and all sorts of fun things, i am a lot more interested in playing with stuff far below my expected level of maturity. i don't care that i'm 26 years old and should have probably be more interested in things like current events or budgeting.

have you seen some of the fun shit  kids play with today? the sensory toys are my favorite. hello, they are super fun because you can squish and stretch them and they feel weird. i see no reason why responsibilities like paying my bills and not eating ice cream for breakfast should prevent me from playing with stuff that is very obviously rad.

every once in a while, at the grocery store or something, i will grab some ridiculous toy for a dollar or so. kevin almost always chastises me for it. i see each potential toy as hours of fun, silly entertainment. "i can squeeze it when i'm mad!" i reason to him. that way it has a dual use and it's not just me buying a toy. see? responsible.

one time at wal-mart i decided i absolutely HAD to have moonsand. i reasoned that i shouldn't have to limit myself to the painfully rare times when a kid at work would want to play with it. i should have some at my house,  available to squish and mold whenever the mood strikes! i remember being absolutely determined despite kevin constantly trying to convince me to put it back. i could not be persuaded to abandon it; i was a woman on a mission.

i ended up taking it home, and since the packaging was disposable, i put it all in a giant salad bowl and just ended up stirring it around over and over.

since we had no table, it's not like i could lay it out and really play with it or anything. i don't know what i was thinking; we ended up throwing it away when we moved to philly. sad.

still, that was probably the most fun stirring i had ever had.