Sunday, April 15, 2012

how to remain calm in the face of adversary.

i have one major pet peeve. i get annoyed a lot, but it's usually circumstantial and i get over it quickly. however, there is one thing that absolutely drives me crazy to an irrational level.

i hate it when people put an A in my name. growing up, there were 1000s of Lindseys. so many people with the same name as me and most of them were horrible. do you know how many boring people are named lindsey? or more specifically lindsay? think about one you know, is she vapid? perhaps a slut? that was the case when i was growing up. i didn't want to be lumped in with these morons! maybe i was unlucky, i'm sure there are plenty of awesome, fun lindsays out there; i know a couple.

i got so effing tired of correcting people on how to spell my name. and half the time they acted like i had offended them by spelling my name differently. it just shows such a lack of respect. i can spell your name correctly, where is it exactly that you're struggling? repeat offenders were the worst. three strikes you're out, man.

anyway, i could go on and on about why i hate it, but excess anger isn't good for the circulatory system, right? so in order to remain calm in the face of unwelcome As (seriously, i even dropped my middle name, amanda, in order to replace it with my maiden name when i got married because it had too many As in it. i hold a grudge against the 1st letter), i decided to read the misspelling a completely different way. instead of reading "Lindsay" as it's written, i'm going to read it as if someone from canada is calling me linds. then i will get a chuckle out of picturing a mountie calling me linds instead of picturing someone too stupid to spell my name logically. 

brilliant, right?

i'm gonna live forever.