Monday, January 2, 2012

t shirt ideas!

sometimes a really good idea hits. it smacks you on the face and says, "look at me!" and you've got no choice but to listen.

a while ago my friends and i were bitch slapped by t shirt ideas. duh.

that's the idea behind these next couple of pictures. friends karrie and von, husband kevin and i were all hanging out together and these came about as a result of too much laughter and watching of the dark knight. (have you seen the dark knight?! if your answer is no, dude, what are you waiting on? go watch it RIGHT NOW. it's amazing and pretty funny once you've watched it so many times that you can see all of the plot holes.)

now, von and karrie are much better artists than me. their comics actually look like comics and not art done by your developmentally disabled neighbor. so hopefully they'll redo these to look even more awesome.


first up we've got "gotham city doesn't care about black people". i don't remember how this came about, except that some poor black character in the dark knight got his apartment blown up or something. either way some one spit that phrase out and we laughed for hours. some context might help. but seriously, don't move to gotham city, black people. your shit will get fucked up.

next up, is the first REAL rule of fight club. i'm pretty sure we were all sitting around talking about how batman is the most badass guy out there (except jason bourne, who is unstoppable because he was trained by liam neeson's character from taken). then somehow we linked christian bale's batman to being like tyler durden and how they're probably the same person. so if they are the same person, this must be the obvious first rule of fight club. how could tyler have started all of those clubs if everyone knew he was batman? exactly, he couldn't.

is this not what you talk about when hanging out with your friends? then you must be uncool.

lastly, this is a public service message karrie and i came up with during one of our mind numbing shifts at barnes and noble. you see, a donkey and a horse make a mule! but the poor mules out there can't reproduce so we need to hook up more donkeys with more horses. it's only fair. this t shirt would also come in pink for the ladies. also because i couldn't decide which background i liked better.

pink, right?