Monday, January 9, 2012

this. just. HAPPENED.

i have a real post coming soon, but this just happened on my way out of the grocery store and i had to come home and tell someone about it.

as i was leaving the store, i glance over to the produce section through the entrance doors and see the most magically unique sight i have ever witnessed. it was the most awe-inspiring, majestic moment of at least my monday, perhaps even my year.

i know what you're thinking friends, i saw a unicorn or something else equally amazing. no. what i saw was even BETTER and MORE RARE than a unicorn.

prepare yourself.

take a deep breath.

mentally look back and check for the weirdest, most fantastic thing you've ever seen. keep that in mind.

now compare:

that's right. i drew this guy much younger than he was. he actually is in about his 50s with his blonde, mulleted DRED LOCKS. that's right. this dude had both a mullet and dreds. and a huge beer gut. and a mustache. i mean, holy cow. is he the only one? is he a PIONEER in terrible, stereotypical hairstyles? 

this guy lives in my neighborhood. he goes to my kroger. he is OUT THERE, nearby. i wish i could have talked to him. what an interesting individual to come out of his house in a blaze of insanity with clearly no regrets. that takes balls, dude. to look in your mirror and see too old to be blonde, blonde hair, all mulleted up and then long and dreded in the back and be ok with it? nice. 

because it can't just happen, oh no. that kind of hair takes planning. mullets require maintenance and dreds need your attention for a bit. he keeps after this look. day after fabulous day, he continually says yes to this hair.

my hat's off to you, kroger guy.