Tuesday, January 10, 2012

new game

a couple of weeks ago i started playing a game with kevin. he rarely joins me until he has to.

the main object of the game is to get away from him. (this is the primary reason he isn't usually playing). sometimes in a store i will just casually sneak away down another aisle. this often occurs when he is comparing prices and talking about coupons. i loathe coupons.

if there is more room and we're, for example, outside, i will try to completely bolt away from him. most times he is explaining something and i just get bored with it so i leave.

have you ever tried it? it's suuuper fun. running away from someone and having them chase you is exhilarating. the more times you run away, the more fun it becomes.

kevin is usually pretty good about it. once he magically scaled a half wall. i really thought i had him that time, but it turns out he can jump pretty high.

sometimes running away doesn't end well. i had a good clip on kevin once. as i ran through downtown bloomington, i was abruptly stopped by an elaborate homeless camp. this dude was set up with a nice blue and white tent, sleeping bag and i think, even a banner. it was startling to race gleefully away from my husband only to awkwardly slam on the brakes in order to avoid tripping over the homeless. that's the only time it's gone badly, though...

so run away from your friends! they'll be happy about it later when they realize you've given them a sick spontaneous cardio workout. spontaneous means they have no time to say no. forced fitness is what's going to keep us out of the floaty chairs.